Regenerative Medicine

Promote Healing with Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine involves taking cells from one area of the body and then injecting it into an injured area. They are responsible for rebuilding and regenerating the body. The underlying premise is that these are in fact living cells that can transform themselves into different types of tissue or functional cell. Therefore, they are able to differentiate into ligaments, tendons, bone, nerve, and cartilage.

When an injury occurs, it is the stem cells that are released and summoned by the body to rebuild damaged muscle, joints, or cartilage. By injecting these stem cells directly into the damaged area, it may assist and accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

Until recently, treatment options for osteoarthritis or joint pain were limited. Steroid injections, joint Arthroplasty surgery, and physical therapy were the only treatment options. Stem cell injections (taken from the bone marrow of the same patient) are now available and not only are they being considered in relieving pain but also in helping heal the joint.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

      • Minimally invasive procedure
      • Avoid surgery and its many complications and risks
      • Minimal post-procedural recovery time
      • No use of general anesthesia
      • No risk of rejection since the stem cells are your own
      • Pain reduction
      • Increased mobility and function

Who May Benefit from Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative Medicine may be used as therapy in the following conditions or may help improve the following:

      • Cartilage Damage
      • Chronic Back Pain
      • Degenerative Disc Disease
      • Knee tendon & Ligament Injuries
      • Osteoarthritis
      • Rheumatoid Arthritis

What is Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) Technique?

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) has been reported to have excellent outcomes in pain relief and knee osteoarthritis. It is a promising cutting-edge therapy that helps accelerate the healing process for tendon injuries. This non-surgical regenerative treatment is used for numerous orthopedic injuries by obtaining a concentrate of regenerative stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow.

How is the therapy administered?

Bone marrow aspiration is performed within 10-15 minutes using light sedation or local anesthetic. Dr. Antebi will then disinfect your skin and numb the area of treatment.

A specific needle with a tube is inserted into the bone, creating a suction that will take a sample of your bone marrow. Bone marrow is then extracted from the pelvic bone using a specialized needle and then prepared for injection.

Benefits of BMAC

The concentrate of regenerative cells provides more dynamic healing of damaged tissues that assist the body’s natural healing structure. While the maximum benefits of BMAC therapy are still unknown, it has been shown to relieve pain, enrich bone healing, and reduce swelling tendencies.