I liked Dr. Alon Antebi from the very start…not forgetting his staff which was very professional… I could hardly tie my own shoes or go shopping without holding onto the shopping cart…while working around the house I was in constant pain because of my left hip… after my anterior hip Arthroplasty I used a walker for about 2 weeks after surgery and a cane for about 2 weeks. I did not have any pain after my surgery, just a little soreness… Dr Antebi, in my opinion, is a gifted surgeon.


I was hit by and car and suffered pubic rami fractures and Dr. Antebi was the surgeon on call at the holy cross ER where I was taken. He performed my emergency surgery (Internal fixation with plates) and it went very well. It has been three years and I am running, biking, and doing everything I did before. I have had no pain from the plate and once the incision healed and several months of PT, I am completely back to normal. I cannot give enough praise about Dr. Antebi.


I was in such pain for so long when finally I was granted a referral to Dr. Antebi. Thank you Dr. Antebi for giving me replacement. You stepped up to the plate when no others would. I rate you 5 stars, It was perfect.


He appeared to be very confident and knew what he was talking about. I trust him and he was very gentle.


Dr.Antebi is awesome,he is definitely my ortho surgeon of choice!